Sunday, 25 April 2010

Final Evaluation

Overall I am really happy with all of my final images, I feel that they are all successful in meeting the brief I was set. I also feel that I explored a range of ideas, and instead of using images from only one of my photo shoots I decided to use two images from each shoot that I did for this brief.

For the first shoot I used the idea of the tent as a home and incorporated it with camping and the idea of festivals. I had my model doing a variety of homely activities such as drinking tea to add to the concept of being at home. I also used props to add to the concept of home.

My second shoot didn’t have as much of a link with home as the first shoot but it was located near to my home in Cheshire, it had a stronger link with the element of fashion as the pose, model and clothes were the main focus. I had some really strong images within this shoot. I also felt that my model looked comfortable and natural in this environment.

My third shoot was located in an abandoned house or building near my home this is how the shoot linked to the theme of home. The poses used were reminiscent of those often found in fashion photography and I feel that they worked well, again I felt that the model looked comfortable in the environment and very natural.

I am really happy with the styling for all three shoots, working with fashion and brand promotion student Clare Ryan really helped and together we came up with some great outfits to fit the boho/festival theme I had set. My research also really helped with this.

My research also helped me when it came to thinking of how I wanted the hair and make up and with choosing the model. I was really happy with the final out come of the makeup and hair, it looked natural and reminiscent of how someone might look at a festival, it wasn’t fussy and suited the model and theme well.

I was also really happy with my choice of model, looking back at my final photographs I feel that she was a great choice for these photo shoots. I have worked with her previously and she is really good at taking direction and is very comfortable in front of the camera. Her look was perfect for these images and she was willing to try new poses and experiment in the locations provided.

I feel that I showed development throughout my blog and provided not only one shoot but three, each exploring a different idea relating to the theme provided. I enjoyed working in the form of a blog and am happy with the final out come. Its easy to keep track of where you are up to and you can post something whenever you are on the internet and you come up with an idea.

Personally I feel that my technical skills are improving and I think that this shows in my final images. I was much more comfortable using the camera and editing the final images where was needed. I also got to grips with preparing my images for professional printing.

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