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Article extract: boho style for 2010

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Liz Lunn, Contributor, MSN Shopping, 26/03/2010 15:38

Hippie Hippie Shake

When Sienna Miller burst onto our cinema screens via Alfie back in late 2004, it wasn't her acting talents that made her the subject of every headline, but her scene stealing, bohemian style. The following summer, one couldn't swing an incense stick without hitting a throwback to Woodstock. Indeed, fashion had never looked so effortlessly cool. With this in mind, we're delighted to announce that for spring/summer 2010... boho is back.

With her flowing blonde hair and shaggy fringe combined with an edgy, 'thrown together' chic, the Sienna the fashion world fell in love with was a hippie for the modern age. Even the gorgeous accessory that was fiancé and co-star Jude Law couldn't distract our attention from the wide, low-slung belts adorned with coins, tiered floor length skirts and gladiator style sandals - enough to make even the less dedicated follower of fashion feel groovy.

As is the case with all trend revivals, updates are essential. This time around, boho is bright, giving a nod to the seventies with kaftans, eye-catching prints and tassles galore. Whichever direction you do the 'hippie hippie shake', boho is always more about softness than structure, so floating dresses are key.

If a mini-boho frock isn't for you, then nothing says 'effortless chic' quite like a maxi dress during the summer months. Dress it up with some funky, chunky beads and vibrant make-up for the evening, or simply throw on with your gladiator sandals in the daytime. The best thing about a boho maxi is that it's so versatile, we can't help but feel a little bit of 'free love' towards it.

Of course, no boho-style wardrobe 'shake-up' is complete without the addition of a kaftan. The one boho item that never goes out of style, kaftans have been available for years on the high street, as well as on the catwalk. Normally a staple for the beach, this season sees kaftans leave the faraway shores of our summer holiday and bounce back into Britain.

There are countless to choose from, in many colours, patterns and lengths. If you don't want to get your legs out, slip on this pair of wide leg trousers - another must-have for the boho babe. For true traditional, laid-back hippie style, team with this lace trim vest and work your hair into a side plait, as seen on Fearne Cotton at the Brits.

It you have short hair, don't worry. Pulling long hair into a plait may be a sure-fire way to advertise your boho credentials, but there are plenty of other ways to represent the look without learning the guitar and playing folk songs.

In 2010, simply throwing on a pair of sandals will do; team them with your favourite vintage summer dress to instantly update the look.

Still focusing on footwear, gladiators aside, this season is all about tassles and suede. Bags, coats, boots and belts... you name it, they've tassled it. In danger of becoming more wild wild west than beautiful boho, take our advice and go bright.

What's more, a satchel is one thing that the back-in-the-day boho babe would never be seen without. Available in brown and mustard too, you can always buy one in every colour. Just because the boho look appears to be spontaneous, doesn't mean it has to be. We are adapting it to our modern day, city lifestyles after all...

The bohemian fashionista is definitely a summer girl. Luckily, the word on the grapevine is suggesting Britain is expecting something of a barbecue summer - perfect for the boho vibe. If the words of classic seventies singer Bob Marley once again ring true and "the sun is shining, weather is sweet" then there's only one thing required to top off the trend - over-sized shades. Here, we recommend you splash out. Ok, so they might be anything but 'cute', but when we put them on, in comparison to their size and together with our florals, we certainly feel it!

With all these fabulous items now available to buy, it makes us wish that in the wonderful world of the hippies, love wasn't the only thing that was free...

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