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Festival style article

Utilitarian glamping

November 14th, 2009 · Fashion

Sounds like an oxymoron doesn’t it? Well it probably is but hey, it sounds good.

It doesn’t just sound good though, it describes perfectly DSquared2’s 2010 Spring & Summer offering as seen at last month’s (or was it the month before) Milan Fashion week.

Canadian brothers Dean & Dan Caten wowed audiences with their combination of classic tailoring and rugged outdoor style garments. When put together these unlikely bed fellows (the clothes not the brothers) create a look that perfectly sums up the title of this post.

It’s a look that just works.

It might be a little too catwalk for Glastonbury or Bestival but I guarantee that there are elements from this collection that will creep into many people’s wardrobes in time for next year’s festival season..

Keep an eye out for pockets – lots of pockets, shorts with long-johns and for the really brave, sandals with chunky socks. Team these up with a tailored jacket for the complete look.

Oh, and tool belts – yes tool belts. You heard it here first festival fans.

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